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Snapshots - Paint brush shopping

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The one on the left is a special brush for varnish but sheds a lot of hair.

I'm in the midst of restoring an old wooden bed of my mother's and needed paint brushes. I had new brushes at home but they shed worse than my dog and I wasn't game to use them. I needed some wood filler as well, so when I stopped by the hardware store, I asked the woman who was serving me for brushes for varnishing wood.

Sure enough she pulls out the ones that shed like crazy. So I told her what my experience with them had been like. She looked at me a little pityingly. Before she went to show me some other brushes, she told me that I had to pull the bristles to remove any loose hairs before using them. I hadn't done that. So I learnt something new today.

Still not game enough to try it again. I bought a brush with a thinned edge instead. I think it will work nicely with varnish.

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