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I want cake, lots of cake

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I have been doing a lot of software testing in my job recently and I don’t know about you, but something about working through test scripts makes me very hungry. I figure it’s normal as a colleague does the same thing. Her weakness is Paddle-Pops.

My food cravings change from day to day. On one day it was hot chips, another day it was chocolate and right now I have this craving for a citrus cake that I made my sister for one of her birthdays. I included the picture just to show you how yummy the one I made looked and hey! I'm proud of my cake making and decorating skills. 

The cake is gorgeously soft and lemon scented. The frosting has actual lemon and orange juice as well as zest, so it is tangy, sweet, colourful and so wonderfully fragrant. The recipe is by Norma Poole who shares it so kindly on the AllRecipes site. Make sure to read the comments. There is this lovely one about a lady who made the cake for her husband's birthday and he ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner the next day. I can relate!

Now to find time to make it again…

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