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My pink and gold challenge

By 12:48 PM

I have been off the grid of late, busy with new creations and designs. One of my projects was to create a set of bangles and earrings to match a saree. The saree, which originates from India, is a lovely outfit that can be demure or vampish depending on the wearer. Modern sarees come embellished with embroidery, beads and sequins. My challenge was to create something to match a deep pink material with gold embellishments. It had to be resin and modern but still in keeping with the ethnic feel of a saree.

This was the result. Love to hear your comments and feedback.  


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  1. So very pretty, who doesn't LOVE pink for Spring and Summer.

  2. Love the colours...pink is a favourite for me as I love khaki and grey clothes so they look fab together.. blogged you today as a mothers day gift idea.. http://downthatlittlelane.blogspot.com/2011/04/what-mamma-wants.html