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Snapshots - Borobudur in Central Java, Indonesia

By 9:09 PM ,

Planning your next holiday? You should seriously consider Borobudur in Central Java, Indonesia. I went there a few years ago and I was blown away by the whole complex. I love exploring ancient historical places and Borobudur certainly qualifies. 

Make sure to get there early in the morning. The sight of Borobudur emerging from the mists is one I wont forget and thankful to experience. I get a thrill from knowing this temple has been standing for over a 1000 years and I got to explore it to my heart's content.  

Getting there was easy. We flew into Solo on Air Asia and we hired a car to take us to Borobudur and back. Solo was our home base for exploring other places of interest around the area.

A great place to indulge your Tomb Raider fantasies. And if you should come across a camera memory card on one of the terraces, I get first dibs at it!

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